Upper Back Pain Relief Exercises

1. Knee to Chest Exercise

The knee-to-chest exercise is an excellent free-hand exercise that can be incorporated into your morning routine.

Knee to Chest Exercise

This exercise must be performed precisely as instructed so that the upper back muscles are relieved of any unnecessary strain that could cause back discomfort at any time of the day.

2. Lying Knee Twist

For optimal results, repeat with each limb for an additional 30 seconds.

Lying Knee Twist

Face-up, lie down in the same position as in the initial exercise.

3. The Yoga Cat

For optimal results, stand on all fours with your knees and palms on the ground and arch your back while looking up.

The Yoga Cat

Yoga cat is an excellent exercise for relieving upper back discomfort because it stretches and relaxes the upper back muscles.

4. The Yoga Cow

To initiate the pose, inhale as you lower your abdomen to the mat. Raise your chin and thorax slowly, and gaze upwards.

The Yoga Cow

Keep the shins and ankles hip-distance apart. The cranium should be in a neutral position.

5. The Cobra

The cobra is an excellent exercise for relieving back pain and requires only a small amount of stretching to achieve optimal results.

The Cobra

To get the most out of this exercise, lie down with your midsection facing the floor and arch your upper back and head upwards.

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