Tips for Weight Loss That Actually Work

1. Don’t Skip Meals

Remember, the ultimate purpose of our body is to remain alive. 

Don’t Skip Meals

The following goes against many diet strategies, but these strategies do not work for people in the long run.

2. Stay Hydrated

Thirst can masquerade as appetite, causing you to consume more food. 

Stay Hydrated

And water causes you to feel satiated and consume less during meals.

3. Reorganize Your Plate

Potatoes, maize, and peas are starchy vegetables, therefore they belong in the cereals category.

Reorganize Your Plate

Fill half your plate with vegetables, a quarter with whole cereals, and the remaining quarter with lean protein.

4. Think Big — Not Small

By prioritizing these and letting go of all the minutiae that contribute to feelings of being overwhelmed.

Think Big — Not Small

you will find it easier and more sustainable to reach your objectives.

5. Look Beyond the Scale

This will help you keep the scale in perspective and demonstrate the health and lifestyle improvements you are making.

Look Beyond the Scale

To help you evaluate progress that may not be represented on a scale, capture regular photos and measures .

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