Effective Strategies for Losing Weight

1. Eat Slowly

I instruct them to chew slowly, ingest food only when it is completely digested, and repeat.

Eat Slowly

I teach my clients how to choose foods they enjoy, to savor each mouthful, and to digest slowly and deliberately. 

2. Enjoy the Food You Eat

Try out different fruits and vegetables. Learn how to prepare a variety of new, flavorful dishes. 

 Enjoy the Food You Eat

There is no reason why your relationship with food cannot be a positive one.

3. Keep a Daily Gratitude Journal

Whether we recognize it or not, our eating behaviors are sometimes influenced by our emotions. 

 Keep a Daily Gratitude Journal

When under duress, we may use food as a coping mechanism. 

4. Batch Cook and Prep

I also take the time to separate into separate containers.

Batch Cook and Prep

Every Sunday, I cook enough chicken for the week in a large quantity. 

5. Don’t Forget the Weights

When you have more muscle, the food you consume is more likely to be used as fuel and less likely to be deposited as fat.

Don’t Forget the Weights

Ensure that you are raising weights twice or thrice per week. 

6. Get Enough Z’s

Our hormones will also be more balanced because our bodies have had the time to sleep, restore, and rejuvenate.

Get Enough Z’s

That would imply that we would only consume when we are genuinely hungry and until we are completely satisfied. 

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