Don't Ever Fall for These Weight Loss Gimmicks

1. Diet Creams

There are in fact weight-loss and "slimming" lotions, despite the fact that it sounds absurd.

Diet Creams

There are creams that instruct users to apply them, lie back, and observe their midsections (or other areas) shrink.

2. 7-Minute Workouts

Losing weight takes time, so a seven-minute workout is attractive. 

7-Minute Workouts

A seven-minute workout becomes 21 minutes. Avoid hype.

3. Detox and Weight Loss Teas

Argues severe calorie restriction causes water weight reduction, not fat loss.

Detox and Weight Loss Teas

Argues liquid cleanses don't work for weight reduction and aren't sustainable. 

4. Juice Cleanses

Juice cleanses are another weight reduction trend like detox teas.

Juice Cleanses

A juice detox involves just fruit and vegetable juices.

5.The Obalon Balloon Pill

Obalon is a balloon pill. Weight-loss pills include deflated balloons. 

The Obalon Balloon Pill

The balloon might burst or strain on organs, causing bleeding, obstruction, or infection. 

6. Diet Pills

Diet pills can help you lose weight, but they're expensive to take long-term.

Diet Pills

Diet medications cannot replace lifestyle improvements.

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