Cardiologists Say These Are The Worst Foods For Your Heart

1. Hot dogs

Sausage and hot dogs include saturated fat. Even low-fat foods are salty. Dietary sodium increases blood pressure, therefore limit it.

2. Rotisserie chicken

Roast your own to regulate sodium or buy an unseasoned chicken and remove the skin to reduce saturated fat.

3. Ketchup

Many store-bought condiments have additional sugar and sodium, so you may want to change your technique.

4. Table salt

70% of our sodium comes from packaged and restaurant meals. Natural substances contribute 15%.

5. Fat-free peanut butter

Low-fat peanut butters have the same calories as regular ones. "You're trading fat for sugar again.

6. Sugary cereal

If you need more convincing that "not all fats are bad," I suggest you reexamine the nutritional information for your favorite brand of cold cereal.

7. Fried chicken

Fried food increases issues. Fried food eaters were more likely to die from coronary artery disease.

8. French fries

Batter-fried chicken isn't the only heart-breaker. Research has connected high potato consumption to hypertension and type 2 diabetes.

9. Potato chips

Potato chips gained more weight than sugary drinks, processed meats, or red meat. Chips include 160 calories and a lot of sodium, but they're low in fiber and protein.

10. Fruit smoothies

These sips may misrepresent serving size and sugars. They're healthy unless you count the sugar.

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