Best Dried Fruits For Weight Loss

1. Hazelnuts

 Hazelnuts make you feel full for a long time, which helps you avoid eating. 


Hazelnuts are one of the greatest dried fruits for weight loss because their good fats and high fiber content supply nutrients (3).

2. Fig

One of the most nutritious and fiber-rich dried fruits is fig. 


This fruit decreases sugar cravings and promotes metabolism (4). Low-calorie fig is a nutritious snack.

3. Pecan Nut

This walnut-family nut has a buttery taste. Oleic acid makes you feel full despite the fats.

Pecan Nut

This dried fruit boosts immunity with anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties.

4. Pine Nut

These fat-rich dried fruits are the finest nuts for weight loss when eaten in moderation.

Pine Nut

Pinenuts provide energy, heart and eye health, anti-aging, and portability (6).

5. Black Currant

Like raisins and the best dried fruits for weight reduction, black currant is a great pre-workout snack (7).

Black Currant

Antioxidants aid with weight, heart health, and other health issues.

6. Brazil Nut

Selenium-rich Brazil nuts improve metabolism and immunity. 

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