Best Diets for Weight Loss

1. Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean diet is high in beneficial fats and "tends to be low in unsaturated fat.


2. DASH Diet

DASH plan was developed to reduce blood pressure without medicines, but some writers have used it as a weight-loss plan.


3. Formerly Weight Watchers

Your Grandma undoubtedly tried Weight Watchers to lose baby weight.


4. Vegan Diet

Vegans exclude dairy, eggs, and honey, going beyond vegetarianism. Some vegans follow this diet to lose weight.


5. Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting has several methods: Some people eat anything they want 5 days a week and a very low-calorie diet.


6. Volumetrics DIet

Fill up on low-calorie, high-nutrition foods. Dieters try to eat as many fruits.


7. Plant-Based Diet

Plant-based diets are flexible like Flexitarian diets: With the rare chicken or scrambled egg, you eat mostly plant-based cuisine.


8. Noom

Noom records eating and activity. It provides daily calorie objectives and categorizes items as weight-loss-friendly or harmful.


9. Pescatarian diet

A healthy diet emphasizes complete, unadulterated foods and grilled or seared seafood.


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