Best Cucumber And Onion Salad Recipe


English cucumbers and Field cucumbers are the two most common types of cucumbers sold in supermarkets.


Red onions, which have a mild flavor and lend depth to the salad, were my choice for this dish. 

Sea Salt

The onion cucumber salad dressing tastes complete with the addition of sea salt. 


To lessen their pungent flavor, red onions are soaked in water. 

Spinach Leaves

To make a bed for the onion cucumber salad, use spinach leaves.

Cherry Tomatoes

To finish off the onion cucumber salad and give a juicily acidic pop, cherry tomatoes are added as a garnish. 

Cucumber Seeds

I made the dressing out of the cucumber seeds instead of tossing them away. They give the dressing a smooth, creamy consistency. 

Coriander Leaves

Herbaceous and citrusy, coriander leaves elevate the dressing to new heights. 

Olive Oil

Olive oil adds rich taste and emulsifies the dressing.


In any case, you may use any vinegar you have lying around.

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