Zodiac Signs Ranked by Their Dating Potential

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1. Cancer

Cancer is great. Loyal and sensitive people are dedicated partners. Cancers love and appreciate others deeply.

2. Leo

Leo is currently the second-best zodiac sign. Leos are natural leaders and forceful. 

3. Libra

Libra ranks third. Libras love socializing. They're really charming.

4. Scorpio

Scorpio ranks fourth. This sign is passionate and will provide energy and intensity to any relationship.

5. Virgo

Virgos are the most reliable zodiac sign and make ideal long-term spouses.

6. Pisces

Pisces ranks sixth. Romantic dreamers are sensitive and caring.

7. Taurus

Taurus ranks sixth worst. They're trustworthy but possessive and unyielding. 

8. Capricorn

Capricorn ranks fifth worst. Some find Capricorns too serious because they are goal-oriented and driven.

9. Aries

Aries ranks fourth worst. Aries fall in and out of love rapidly. They love new things and have short attention spans.

10. Aquarius

Aquarius ranks third. They prefer casual relationships over commitment.

11. Sagittarius

Their changing interests make it hard to keep up with them. Their demand for distance in relationships.

12. Gemini

Gemini is the worst sign ever. They are flirtatious and commitment-phobic, making dating them difficult.

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