The Worst Colors to Wear on a First Date

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1. Brown

The poop emoticon, grime, a rotten banana.


These are all things that come to mind when we see the color brown, which is why it might be best to steer clear of it on a first date.

2. Gray

A pair of gray sweatpants, a gloomy day, and a dust bunny.


It's important to project a professional demeanor, but that's not the fundamental energy that attracts people.

3. Bright Colors

You also don't want to wear colors that are excessively loud or overwhelming.

Bright Colors

When going on a first date, "bright colors may cause you appear overly flashy or trying too hard.

4. Yellow

Speaking of vivid hues, the brightest of the rainbow, yellow, can be giving the wrong impression.


You're right that it is the name of a fantastic Coldplay song, and that it rhymes with mellow.

5. Too Much Black

On a first date, you can get away with wearing black. It can even make you seem edgy and secretive.

Too Much Black

Adding a pop of color to your attire to make you appear more approachable and refined.

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