The Secret To At-home Workouts

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1. Warm Up

Lifting heavy weights with cold muscles is an excellent prescription for injury.

Warm Up

Warm up for five to ten minutes with at least two to three sets of at least two to three of the following exercises to prepare your body for lifting.

2. Jumping Jacks

Everyone remembers leaping jacks, correct? Start with your feet together and your arms and wrists at your sides.

Jumping Jacks

Separate the feet by hopping laterally while bringing your palms together on top of your head, and then hop back to your original position.

3. Lunges

Taking a large step forward while continuing to limber up your legs and hip flexors, take a large step forward. 


While maintaining a straight front lower limb, bend into your back leg and lower the knee to just above the floor. 

4. Squats

As with push-ups, squats are an excellent, classic exercise that employ the entire lower body .


While simultaneously burning upper micromuscles while maintaining stability.

5. Step-Ups

Step-ups will strengthen your lower body and core as you maintain your balance.

6. Dips

Dips will fatigue the triceps and shoulders by requiring the arms to lower and raise the majority of the weight of the torso and lower legs.

7. Cool Down

Cooling down is an essential component of your workout. 

Cool Down

Your muscles are currently contracted, swollen, and more susceptible to contractions. 

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