The Best and Worst Biscuits from Fast Food

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1. Cheese Biscuit

Start with a dry, thick biscuit. Yellow egg and orange cheese give color, but only the maple-flavored sausage patty has flavour. 

2. Sausage, Egg

I awakened famished and ate my pillow. The Jack in the Box sausage biscuit feels like two pillows with a blanket and cheese in between.

3. Bacon, Egg 

Even if the egg and cheese taste the same, the bacon isn't utterly soggy and feeble like fast-food bacon.

4. Monster Breakfast

A giant biscuit is topped with a sausage patty, cheese, egg, bacon, and more egg. 

5. Church's Chicken

Puffier than fluff, the shape and texture are oddly homogeneous. 

6. Popeye's Biscuit

Popeye's biscuit utilizes buttermilk, giving it a saltier taste than other franchised biscuits. 

7. Biscuit & Gravy

The biscuit's buttery moistness, uneven form, and caramelized, crispy edges suggest it wasn't mass-produced.

8. Chicken Biscuit

This biscuit is the meal's veteran background musician, with little taste. If it's alone, pour honey on it.

9. Biscuit

The biscuit is fluffy and buttery, and the chicken is juicy with a somewhat spicy breading. 

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