Most Compatible Cat Breed For Your Zodiac Sign

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Aries: Bengal

This spirited cat is wild, loving, and occasionally lethargic. Bengal cats are perfect for Aries.

Taurus: Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold, a kind, cuddling cat, for Tauruses. She also observes that bulls adore beautiful things.

Gemini: Cornish Rex

Cornish Rexes are playful and expressive like Gemini. “Gemini, or twins, can have two personalities.

Cancer: Ragdoll

Cancers are known for being sweethearts who adore being home and showering others with attention.

Leo: Maine Coon

Like Leos, these cats are affable, outgoing, and have big personalities. Leos like the spotlight.

Virgo: Persian

Persian cats love detail-oriented Virgos. Virgo's animal is this picky, quiet cat.

Libra: Siamese

Libras love Siamese cats. Libras adore beauty and balance, are good communicators.

Scorpio: Bombay

Bombay cat is appropriate for Scorpios, who are enigmatic, mystical, and solitary.

Sagittarius: American Shorthair

Sagittarians will love orange cats, which radiate happiness. American Shorthairs, notably the orange tabby.

Capricorn: Serval

Serval cats, intelligent, active, and independent felines, relate well with Capricorns.

Aquarius: Sphynx

Aquarius requires a unique, friendly, and lively cat like a Sphynx. 

Pisces: Russian Blue

Pisces, a water sign, needs a peaceful, gentle tabby like the Russian Blue.

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