Best Color For Every Zodiacs Home

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Aries – Red

Red attracts attention, evokes passion and sensuality, and boosts melatonin and memory.

Taurus – Green

If you want peace, decorate with sage green. This herbal-inspired green is calming and excellent for a relaxing interior plan.

Gemini – Yellow

Yellow energizes and inspires Geminis. A Gemini's home should have a playful, traditional style.

Cancer – Earthy neutrals

Cancer is the water sign, so decorate a quiet, cool home. Cancerian homes benefit from earthy neutrals.

Leo – Orange

Leos like loud homes. Leos, creative fire signs, need a dynamic home to work and relax.

Virgo – White

Virgos, the Zodiac's perfectionists, should have simple, calm home color choices.

Libra – Pink

Libras love beauty and art. Libras like gentle pinks because their homes are luxurious but relaxing.

Scorpio – Black

Scorpios require a place to relax, possibly with an aggressive hue that conveys creativity and strength.

Sagittarius – Purple

Sagittarians love imaginative, otherworldly lilac colors. Sagittarius, an empath, loves purple rooms.

Capricorn – Gray

Gray is the most serious neutral, thus Capricorns love gray room ideas.

Aquarius – Blue

Aquarian homes should be calm and modern. Thus, a calming blue color scheme will ground and focus this dreamy sign. 

Pisces – Teal

Teal is great for sensitive Pisces, a water sign that loves the beach.

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