7 Cable Back Exercises For A Stronger Back

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1. Lat pulldowns

This straightforward exercise develops the back, arm, and abdominal muscles through a similar range of motion as a traditional pull-up on a bar.

Lat pulldowns

Ten repetitions should be performed with a weight that is comfortable for you.

2. Seated cable rows

This exercise is conducted on a horizontal, as opposed to a vertical, weighted cable machine. 

Seated cable rows

This can aid in the development of your central back and forearm muscles.

3. Straight-arm pulldowns

Using a greater range of motion, this variation of lat pulldowns predominantly targets the middle and upper back muscles. 

Straight-arm pulldowns

Similar to lat pulldowns, this exercise serves to develop the shoulders, biceps, and abs.

4. Standing cable rows

Identical to seated cable rows, this exercise strengthens multiple back muscles.

Standing cable rows

This exercise differs from other variations of rowing in that it also challenges the abdominal and lower body.

5. Face pulls

This relatively straightforward exercise targets the posterior deltoid muscles.

6. Single-arm cable pulldowns

If one side of your back is more developed or toned than the other, you may benefit from the single-arm variation of  pulldowns. 

7. Cable pullthroughs

Although this exercise focuses primarily on strengthening your buttocks and hamstrings, it also allows you to strengthen your lower back.

Cable pullthroughs

On the pulley machine, it is recommended to perform this exercise at a lesser setting.

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