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Most Underrated Fast-Food Items

    Most Underrated Fast-Food Items

    You probably have a set order in mind every time you visit your go-to fast food joint. One such dinner may include the Quarter Pounder Deluxe from McDonald’s, along with a Sprite and fresh-cut fries from In-N-Out. The most popular item at each chain’s eatery is the subject of a complete post on our site. But what about the items that aren’t given enough credit at fast food chains? What are folks ordering when they don’t want the Roast Beef Sandwich or a donut at Arby’s or Dunkin’?

    It’s exciting to try the dishes for which these restaurants are known, but if you stick to the familiar menu items, you can miss out on some very fantastic meals that rarely make the headlines.

    1. Chili from Wendy’s

    The Junior Bacon Cheeseburger with Fries and a Frosty would be an option. But why stick with the basics? Choose the chili; it’s as good as anything you’d make at home. The fries and Frosty are still available, too! Actually, Dave would have approved of Wendy’s chili because it’s made the traditional way, with leftover hamburger meat.

    2. Burgers from Dairy Queen

    Most Underrated Fast-Food Items

    When visiting Dairy Queen in the future, do not order a blizzard or any of the burgers. Although the chain’s original ice cream creations are what draw the most customers, the classics are excellent as well. They’re so good that one Reddit user compared them to Wendy’s and said they were even better.

    3. Bagel sandwiches from McDonald’s

    McDonald’s best-known breakfast products are the McMuffin and the McGriddle, but the bagel sandwiches, especially the Steak, Egg, and Cheese Bagel, have been much desired. Several East Coast locales received them again this year. This is the time to snag them!

    And if you want to learn more about the Golden Arches, check out these 30 McDonald’s Facts That Every ’80s Child Knows.

    4. Loaded Fries at Checkers

    Fries at Checkers (or Rally’s, in some places) are some of the best you’ll ever eat. They’re already delicious on their own, but when topped with cheese, bacon, or chili, they become extraterrestrial. This is a rich meal, so save it for special occasions.

    5. Sundae Pie from Hershey’s, available at Burger King

    plate of hamburger

    In this case, the Whopper. Chix with fries. Rings of onion. Burger King’s mainstays are well-known, but the restaurant’s sweets are worth a look. The base of the Hershey’s Sundae Pie is a chocolate cookie crust, which is then filled with chocolate and vanilla creme. It’s always served at a temperature so cold it almost tastes like ice cream.

    6. Crisscut Fries from Carl’s Jr.

    If you’re going to Carl’s Jr., don’t bother with the complicated burger and instead get two orders of CrissCut Fries. Chrissy Teigen loves the waffle fries, so you know they must be delicious.

    7. Cookie Subs

    The fragrance of fresh bread baking greets you as you enter a Subway restaurant. Yet cookies, which are far better, are currently baking in those ovens. Even if you aren’t hungry, the chain’s freshly made cookies are delicious. Interesting fact: more freshly baked cookies are sold by this chain than by any other U.S. restaurant firm.

    8. Peach milkshake from Chick-fil

    So what does Chick-fil-A specialize in? Well, it’s in the name itself. They are well known for their chicken, but their waffle fries are also quite popular. The Peach Milkshake, however, is often neglected. Don’t forget to put it on your calendar: you can get it for the first time this summer. Fans recommend the Grilled Chicken Sandwich as the second-best option. Besides, it has health benefits!

    9. Biscuits with gravy from Hardee’s

    Hardee’s biscuits are exceptionally good for a quick food joint. Buttery and delicately flaky best describe these. When topped with hot gravy, a breakfast biscuit from Hardee’s can compete with any of their breakfast sandwiches.

    10. Pizza Hut’s Cheese Stuffed Bread

    Domino’s removed “Pizza” from its name lately, and with food as delicious as this Stuffed Cheesy Bread, it’s easy to see why. Domino’s detractors can’t say anything bad about the bread, yet they offer three different flavors.

    11. Hash Browns from Dunkin’

    If you order a breakfast sandwich, these will likely be served on the side. Dunkin’ hash browns are prepared fresh for each order and seasoned with a special blend of spices. They’re delicious as a midday snack or anytime treat.

    12. Shrimp with Popeyes® Popcorn

    The chicken sandwiches at this chain may be the best we’ve ever had, but the Popcorn Shrimp is the real hidden gem.

    13. Chicken, bacon, and Swiss on an Arby’s bun

    You could do what everyone else does and have a roast beef sandwich, but why conform when you can stand out? This sandwich is stacked with deliciousness thanks to the inclusion of roast chicken, bacon, zesty Swiss cheese, and sweet Dijon honey mustard.

    The Famous Bowl Chicken is what made KFC famous, but the Original Recipe Chicken is better. Popcorn chicken is sprinkled over cheesy mashed potatoes with corn and gravy. It may sound ridiculous at first, but trust us, you’ll be glad you did.

    14. Those Curds from A&W

    You’ll go crazy over A&W cheese curds if you enjoy fried mozzarella. Some people think the whole franchise is underappreciated.

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